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Saturday, October 08, 2005


من اكتر الحاجات اللي تعباني ، كمية الاكتئاب الفظيعة على الانترنت.. مش عارفة النظرية صح و ا غلط بس الناس كلها بتدخل
awayاو علي اقل تقدير apperaing offline
ماحدش بقى ليه نفس يتكلم ..
و لو صادف و سألت حد ازيك حيقول
ماشية ..
عيشة و السلام
i tried to understand this ..
questions kept poping up in my mind ,
1st i thaught it was just me. means my friends got bored of me and they dindt wanna talk to me again
but i noticed that not just me..
and it's not just on the internet
i see depression everywhere
empty talks , empty laughs
empty people walakin around
robots , i dont feel life around anymore

as i write this i think i maybe miss-translated the whole scene
may be it's just me :)


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