I am ...opening

Friday, December 23, 2005


this is wrong , stop comin after me and causing trouble , it is over , nothing u do makes things better , it's not that i m upset and i need u to apologize , i am out of that area already..
just plz , some good memories are left , dont destroy them too , dont waist your time and feelings , what r u gonna get out of this ? nothing but pain believe me .. and not just for me , i dont wanna think you r doing this out of revenge , it is so hard just thinking about it ..and for u to know , dont think that my sister would pick u and leave me you dint know her as much as i do, and one final thing , grow up and learn ur lesson, dont repeat ur mistakes, the results wont be diffrent that lasttime u made the same stupid action..
God ..i hate this , ur causing trouble to me, i regert i didnt make u feel guilty about all those wounds u caused already..
I dont want anything from you , just leave me alone , i hope i wont have to say this again , yet i know i m gonna say it over and over till u find urself a new toy ,or to be honest till ur mum picks you one, not bec u dont do what i m telling u , it's bec i m too good to say it in ur face...